Would you like to buy or sell hotels or restaurants?


Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier offers hotels and restaurants all over Switzerland. Since discretion is in many cases very important, as a rule we only offer our objects to a selected circle of interested buyers. Please contact us and let us know what are your preferred region and object. Activ Gastro Hotel accompanies you throughout the whole process of acquisition.

Additional services

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier estate also supports you after the purchase. If wished we will look for the appropriate tenant or manager and support you in many other fields.


Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobiliser has a broad and reliable knowledge of the markets and numerous contacts to interested groups, investors, national and international hotel groups and restaurant chains as well as to banks, fiduciaries, authorities etc. In co-operation with our twin enterprise TOP Suisse Immobilier GmbH, which has subsidiaries in Gstaad, Solothurn and Neuchâtel as well, we also put on the market hotels and restaurants of our portfolio as housing or business premises if they can be converted. We will be pleased to submit our offers; please contact us.

Our objects are managed by the twin enterprise TOP Suisse Immobilier GmbH
Activ Gastro GmbH : Gstaad: Mattenstr. 1 | CH - 3780 Gstaad| +41 33 341 25 25 & Solothurn : Bielstr. 3 | CH - 4500 Solothurn | +41 32 622 60 80
French speaking part of Switzerland: Activ Gastro Sàrl | Avenue de la Gare 1 | CH - 2000 Neuchâtel | +41 32 754 31 00