Do you want to rent or let a hotel or restaurant?


Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier offers restaurants and hotels for lease all over Switzerland. Since discretion is in many cases very important, as a rule we only offer our objects to a selected circle of interested clients. Please contact us and let us know what are your preferred region and object. Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier accompanies you throughout the whole process of the lease.


Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier has a broad and thorough knowledge of the market as well as solid contacts to private persons who are interested in renting, to national and international hotel management companies, to banks, fiduciaries, law firms, political authorities etc. We are pleased to submit our offers; please contact us.


Are you looking for an operator for your hotel or restaurant? Our longstanding experience and our vast net of references will help you to find a successful operator.
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