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We are specialized in hotel real estate sales
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Activ Gastro verkauf Hotels in der ganzen Schweiz
We sell hotel properties all over Switzerland

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Business succession is a complex process on various levels.

It affects companies and entrepreneurs and is accompanied by a wide range of personal, strategic, entrepreneurial, financial and tax issues. This complexity places high demands on entrepreneurs and successors, but above all on the accompanying consultants

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Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is specialized for sale of companies in the hospitality sector

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Bewerten einer Hotelliegenschaft
We already executed more than 400 hospitality and gastronomy properties evaluations.
Confidence in the choice and application of well-known and established company valuation methods is essential.

Thanks to many years of experience, we understand which occasion requires which valuation method. Company succession has different requirements than a sale to a third party or the transfer of participation rights to senior employees.

Since November 2023, Hanspeter Gerber has been in charge of succession planning and company valuation.
Hanspeter Gerber holds a degree in business administration is a Certified Auditor with over 30 years of professional experience at a large international auditing firm.
With his extensive experience, Hanspeter Gerber has been an ideal addition to the team at Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier.

Mixed commercial and residential properties

Activ Gastro Hotel Immobilier also sells mixed commercial and residential properties

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier offers these properties in the commercial as well as in the residential property market.

We offer residential properties on the market together with our sister company TOP Suisse Immobilier GmbH.

residental propertys activ gastro hotel immobilier
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier and TOP Suisse Immobilier are recommended for clarifying alternative uses of the hotel or restaurant properties.
Do you intend to rent a hotel or restaurant ? Or even to rent out your business?

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier offers hotel and restaurant properties for rent throughout Switzerland.


With over 500 mandates in hospitality real estate sales, consulting, management, administration, valuation and expert opinions, we acquired extremely extensive expertise in the hotel and gastronomy industry. Since 1996, our operations allowed us to create an exceptional network of relationships. Eager to sell your hotel ? We are specialized in hotel transactions throughout Switzerland.

thotel real estate transaction activ gstro hotel immobilier

We also run temporary hotel and hospitality businesses of all kinds.

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier manages hotel and restaurant properties on behalf of its clients. In particular in the area of hotel condominiums administration.

Activ Gastro is working for recovery departments since 1996
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier works for recovery and special financing departments of various banks and insurance companies since its foundation in 1996. In the process, we acquired a great degree of know-how in the area of reorganisations as well as in all areas before, during or after bankruptcy, attachments and official real estate auctions appropriated.
Activ Gastro wurde 1996 gegruendet
1996 – 2021
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier has celebrated the 25th 2 years ago….
If you continue so briskly, you will soon celebrate with us another anniversary!
renting gastronomy
We also sell as well gastronomy properties throughout Switzerland

By hospitality real estate we understand e.g.
> Hotels
> Aparthotels
> Motels
> Student residences
> Healthcare properties
> Projects
> Etc.

As a neutral and independent evaluator, Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier assesses your hotel project as well.
Quick real estate valuation
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier quickly brings light into the dark…
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is : proactive, flexible, with integrity and always open to new ideas.
Activ Gastro is operating throughout Switzerland
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is specialized in hotel real estate transactions and is “activ” throughout Switzerland….
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is member of various real estate and hospitality industry associations and organisations.
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is an active member of various real estate and hotel industry associations and organisations.
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