Our previous work and activities from 1996 until today

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier (since 1996) and its sister company TOP Suisse Immobilier (since 2001) have carried out around 800 mandates for banks, insurance companies, bankruptcy and debt enforcement offices, companies and private individuals.

Selling hotels in Switzerland is our speciality.

The two companies Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier and TOP Suisse Immobilier cooperate closely and benefit enormously from many synergies.
For example, we additionally offer hotel and restaurant properties with conversion potential on the real estate market as residential or commercial properties with other possible use with the support of the sister company TOP Suisse Immobilier.

Below is an overview of our business activities up to date:


Property sale

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Mixed use properties

Operational management by Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

on own account, in management or for bankruptcy offices

Purchase by Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier

  • Hotel and restaurant properties

Property valuations

  • Hotels
  • Apparthotels
  • Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafés
  • Night-Clubs
  • Dancings
  • Projects for hotels and restaurants
  • Campings

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is accredited for various banks as a property appraiser for “special properties in the tourism sector”.
We valuate hotel real estate all over Switzerland .
For more details, see our manual: ISBN 978-3-906112-15-2


  • Property conversion studies
  • Operational and market analyses
  • Development of sales increase and advertising ideas
  • Management coaching
  • Rent hotel real estate
  • Business plan assessment and plausibility check
  • Support in the financial funding search
  • Assistance in opening hotel businesses
  • Assessment of property conversion projects
  • Elaboration of business cooperation opportunities
  • Consulting and analysis of businesses and/or real estates that are already in economic difficulties or facing major problems that could threaten the existence of the business. Avoidance of official enforcement / liquidation.
  • Searching for purchasers before the offical sales and for bidding at the official bancrupty auction.
  • Advising creditors on how to proceed in case of an official liquidation/auction, e.g. preparation of various scenarios, etc.
  • Cleaning and landscaping work
  • Training USPI real estate appraisers, bank staff (loan officers, clerks, etc.), in the area of hotel and hospitality property valuation.
Special financing / Recovery
Since the foundation, the two companies Activ Gastro Hotel Immobilier as well as the sister company TOP Suisse Immobilier have been working for the recovery departments of banks and insurance companies. In the process, we acquired a great degree of know-how in the area of reorganisations as well as in all areas before, during or after bankruptcy, attachments and official real estate auctions appropriated

Such as

  • Searching for purchasers in private treaty sales prior to official real estate sales or for bidding at official auctions with the aim that the mortgagee creditors not have to take over the property into its own portfolio.
  • Advising creditors on the procedure to be followed in the event of an official liquidations/auctions, e.g. preparation of the various steps at the official auction and the elaboration of diverse scenarios, etc.
  • Handling all the work around the property from A to Zor just parts of it with the aim of placing the property on the real estate market in the best possible way.
  • Administration: we take care of the administration of the property (technical and/or administrative)
  • Improve the marketability: e.g. cleaning, disposing of furnishings, environmental work, carrying out minor repairs, etc.
  • Marketing and sales: Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier, your specialist for hotel and restaurant real estate sales, as well as Top Suisse Immobilier (for residential and commercial properties, conversions, etc.) have many years of extensive and profound market knowledge as well as broad-based contacts with private interested parties, investors, national and international hotel and restaurant operators, etc.
    With the appropriate authorisation, we independently complete the sale of the property at the notary’s office and hand over the property to the client..
We also have practical experience with:
  • WEG (official residential property support)
  • Contaminated sites
  • Protection of buildings and historical monuments
With our locations in Gstaad, Saas-Fee, Solothurn and Neuchâtel, we are represented in the German-speaking and all parts of French-speaking Switzerland.
We are also open to new tasks: We are very happy to take on other special mandates “sur mesure”.
Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier and TOP Suisse Immobilier are the competent, serious partners for practical, specific and tangible solutions in the tourism and real estate sector.
We offer you a transparent approach coupled with the utmost discretion; we also look after you personally, competently, straightforwardly, honestly and openly at all times.

Our sister company TOP Suisse Immobilier has carried out the following work since its foundation in 2001:

  • Sale

Building land, agricultural land, single-family, terraced, multi-family and mansions, flats, supermarkets, commercial locations, offices, industrial buildings, dentist’s office, old farmhouses, demolition properties.

  • Property management

Apartment buildings, flats, business facilities, offices, factories, industrial buildings.

  • Purchase by TOP Suisse Immobilier

Residential and commercial properties, building land only partially developed.

  • Various

Development of building land, construction management for small renovations, completion of buildings after bankruptcy, building loan overruns, etc. Real estate conversion studies, disposal of furnishings, machinery, installations, etc. from buildings of all kinds such as factories, flats, houses, etc.

Housekeeping work for apartment buildings, factories, houses, etc. Maintenance and repairs, clean-up work, etc.
Search for office and storage space, search for tenants for residential, commercial properties and offices.

Here you can download a summary of our activities up to date as a PDF file