Would you like to evaluate a hotel or restaurant property?

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier the hotel property sales specialists also evaluate hotel and hospitality properties for 25 years

We are specialized in property evaluations of hotels, restaurants and other properties in the tourism sector. Are you planning a new hotel project, to buy or sell a hotel business, a conversion or new financing for a hotel company, a major renovation, etc.? The reasons for evaluating a hospitality or gastronomy property are many and varied.
Hotel real estate evaluation: Since Activ Gastro was founded, we have had the privilege of valuing over 400 properties and have therefore acquired exceptional know-how in the process.

Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier is accredited by various banks as a real estate valuer for hotels, restaurants and other tourism properties.
In addition, we train the prospective federal appraiser candidates in the field of hotel real estate valuation and hospitality property evaluation.


Manual for hospitality industry real estate evaluation

In 2013, our handbook: ” Evaluation of hotel and hospitality properties in practice” was published (ISBN 978-3-906112-15-2).

The purpose of this manual is to provide insight into the subject matter of hotel and hospitality property appraisals and to provide a variety of different estimation methods. It should serve as a working basis for all interested parties, especially credit officers, property appraisers, owners and prospective hotel real estate purchasers.

Manual – Handbook

The manual is aimed at stakeholders in the tourism, finance and construction sectors, so we use language that is generally understandable.

Reasons that led us to produce this manual:

  • Training of Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier employees
  • Basis for the internal hotel and hospitality property evaluation tool
  • Education document of the real estate appraiser training USPI, bank employees, companies, etc.

In addition, it is intended to provide an introduction to the extensive appraisal activities, to promote transparency in the evaluation system and to contribute to a better mutual understanding of the construction, real estate, banking and tourism sectors, investors, operators, etc.

In addition, the manual is intended to demonstrate Activ Gastro HOTEL Immobilier’s approach to property valuations.

By studying this manual seriously, the reader should be able to understand the most important elements of the valuation subject matter, to carry out evaluations themselves and to assess external evaluations.

You can order the manual (in German and French only) directly from swiboo publisher


For an initial analysis (e.g. internal bank use or as a first rough purchase analysis, etc.) we recommend our “QUICK” evaluation.
This offer also includes an inspection of the property, rough analysis of the business, analysis of existing documents and assessment of the future viability. About 10 Excel pages provide you with a lot of information in a short time.

The “Quick Evaluation” is a provisional rapid determination of market value subject to reservation for the exclusive use of the contracting party. It is prepared on the basis of a rough analysis, i.e. in an abbreviated procedure without knowledge of all relevant documents and information.
The “Quick Valuation” therefore does notreplace our comprehensive evaluations, which comply with the Code of Professional Conduct and e.g. the internal Bank Instructions.

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